Back in the late 90s I purchased a large Atari collection on eBay. It's been sitting in storage, just waiting for me to dig into it. I remember I bough it for the Spartados X cartridge and R-time 8, but didn't realize everything else that was in it. I found an XF551 case which apparently had a CSS 3.5" upgrade kit installed. After stealing a 3.5" drive mechanism from an old PC, I was able to format my first 3.5" disk on my trusty Atari 800XL! (Actually, it took me 4 tries to find a disk that would format. I was using an ST to format a disk first to make sure it wasn't the upgrade causing the formatting to fail.)

I really don't know what I'm going to use floppy disks for, but it is still pretty cool!

My XF351!