Fired up my Colecovision Adam for the first time

At some time I picked up a Colecovision Adam (complete) with several books and datapacks. I was disappointed Donkey Kong wasn't in the box, but Donkey Kong Jr. was. As I was cleaning and arranging my basement lab, I decided I had better at least try out the Colecovision.

When you first turn it on, you are put into some sort of typewriter mode. I don't have a ribbon in the printer, and the print head didn't like being turned on. Eventually, the printer stopped jamming the print head to the side, and I could type in the typewriter. I then switched it to word processing mode. Unless I'm missing something, this mode was terrible. This came out the same year as AtariWriter was released, and it doesn't even have full screen editing. I would have hated to actually use this to word process. That is, unless I'm missing something.

Next up was to try out the data packs. They look like normal audio cassettes, but work like the tape back up drives I used to use at work. I put Donkey Kong into the unity, and hit the reset slider besides the cartridge port (luckily I had the manual :-). And there I was playing DK Jr! Unfortunately, while it looks good, it doesn't play very much like the original. The chomping creatures (I'm sure they have a name) move too slow.

Anyway, I'm glad to have a piece of history, and will be happy to put this into my future antique electronics store!