Trying to get a BBS running

Over the last few days, I've attempted to get a BBS up and going on one of my 8-bits. The original plan was to find a BBS that would run under SDX. I have an older MyIDE+Flash cart with a 256MB IDE drive which isn't being used right now, so I thought that would be good to get a BBS up on. Unfortunately, I haven't found any BBS software that supports SDX.

Since I've been using an 800XL with a VBXE as my daily driver I thought I would put my Atari 800 with an Incognito installed into service running a BBS. Again, I couldn't get Carina II to run (hangs after MOE starts) or BBS Express Pro 4.0b (complains that CMDPATH.DAT isn't found, even though it is).

The plan is now to take a couple of days off and approach the problem fresh.