Two LCD VGA monitors that work with my Amiga 500

Nec Multisync 1970VX

I recently purchased a Nec Multisync 1970VX VGA monitor for use on my older RGB computers (Atari ST/STE/Amiga/CoCo 3/800XL with VBXE). It works well with the Amiga. Unfortunately, I can't get it to show up with my Mega STe. I haven't tried it with any of my other STs, but I'm thinking that the cable may not be right. I ordered a cable from Best and will try it after it arrives.

The screen looks really good with the Amiga 500 though.

A year or so ago I purchased a Nec Accusync LCD 71V after reading it was compatible with the 15KHz refresh of these older computers. At the time I couldn't get a machine to work with it, so I assumed it wouldn't. Well, I tried it again and it worked with the Amiga. I have no idea what I was doing wrong before. I prefer the 1970VX though, since it is a 19" screen vs the 17" of the 71V.

I'm beginning to miss CRTs. Hopefully, in the future, scan doublers and upscalers will take advantage of the higher resolution screens that are available, making the CRT discussion moot.