Working from home on the iMac G4

Another week working from home, another week with a piece of retro equipment. The iMac G4 mamay not technically be retro, but I believe it is old enough!

iMac G4 Work from Home This particular model was bought during the OS X 10.3 release party at the Apple Store. Since then I've upgraded the RAM to 2GB and installed an SSD. Performance is pretty great, I can run the G5 Garageband demos with ease. The OS is Mac OS X 10.5.

The iMac makes a great terminal, there is an older version of iTerm that runs on it. Fonts are still the same so I can install my current favorite font, JetBrains Mono. Apple introduced Spaces in 10.5, giving me virtual desktops. TenFourFox works well enough for minor browsing duties, I used it mainly to look at pictures that were posted to IRC.