Using my MegaSTe for another week of working from home

My retro computer for this week is my MegaSTe. I chose it mainly because of pizza week over at /r/RetroBattlestations

My MegaSTe running Uniterm

I'm not quite sure when and where I picked up this MegaSTe. It probably came from eBay. I really wanted an STe model, and then I stumbled oupon this machine. All of the greatness of the STe with the added bonus of a 16MHz clockspeed and an internal hard drive.

The MegaSTe borrowed it's style from the TT, leaving the Mega ST style behind. It's a very interesting looking machine, and a lot better looking than most of the machines from the early 90s.

I'm using the SC1224 monitor that I got with my 1040STf back in '88. It still works very well, no complaints whatsoever. A Reddit user pointed out that the keyboard is not a MegaSTe keyboard. I researched it a little bit, and the first models of the MegaSTe came with keyboards from the MegaST line. This is one of the best feeling keyboards I have ever used. I may have to find a place to leave this hooked up so I can use it for writing more often!

And, the better news is that I won the Pizza Week contest for having More Than Pepperoni